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We are pleased with bracket setup and would be glad for you to use our experience as a satisfied customer.

“We have been using the staging for about a year and it has worked great! “

 -  Kurt,  K. A. Clason,  Fine Woodworking Corp

Hi Eric, 
 I purchased the smart bracket system a few months ago and I finally had the opportunity to use them this past weekend and they were awesome!! Our volunteers felt so safe working on them it made our job of setting trusses so much easier, especially using volunteers to do it. 
-  Bob Sherlinksi,   Wyoming valley Habitat for Humanity

"Staging is something we always struggle with and your staging bracket is the perfect solution." 
-  Chairman of the Building Committee and Board of Directors, Vice President, HFH, NY


"Staging  is something we always struggle with.  At the present time we are building a Habitat house on a steep hillside with a walkout basement.  We do not have enough staging of our own to do the roof on the downhill side and your bracket staging would be the perfect solution."  - Chairman of the Building Committee and Board of Directors,

-  Vice President,  HFH, NY

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"Hi Eric,
We set up the brackets on the house and they are great, we will be purchasing more.  This will provide a very safe platform for volunteers to work on the roof. "
-  Construction Mgr.  HFH,  Buffalo, WY.

We have been using the Staging Bracket System now for over a year and our volunteers feel very safe using your system.  Great idea we love using them!”
-  Construction supervisor Habitat for Humanity 


" The Smart-Bracket system is extremely useful and cost saving when vendors work on our buildings " 

 -  Manager,  FSR property management

The Smart-Bracket & Smart-Rail are the best safety products we have seen in a long time!

Mike F.  -  OSHA Safety Trainer 

"We used them for the first time last week.  We set our roof trusses and started our roof with them.  They're REALLY easy to use and they worked out great!  They make it a whole lot safer than working with and moving around other kinds of scaffolds.  They made it safe for the crew working on the roof.  We're getting ready to use them on our next build and I can't wait.  I'll send some photos." 

-  Construction Supervisor,  Habitat for Humanity 

"We used them a few weeks ago to do our overhangs and roof decking and they worked great. We setup on both the front and back with walk boards which made the job easy and very safe for our Habitat volunteers to work on.  We are very happy with the ease of setup and definitely making it a lot safer for our volunteers not to have to work on scaffold."
-  Construction Mgr. HFH,  Cleveland TN

“I will say that I like the Smart Bracket Staging due to the ease of setting it up, as a staging platform especially for roofing and for the definite safety that the staging provides for the volunteers that use it. They have also expressed that they would be reluctant to get up on the roof if there was not the additional security provided in addition to the safety harness we use in all our roofing and siding projects. “ ​John B.  Construction Manager  

  -    Habitat For Humanity PWC

“We have been using the Staging Bracket System now for over a year. Our Construction Volunteers really like the system because they are easy to assemble, adjust for the right working height, easily install on the home and provide a safe working platform. Our primary use is for the installation of the roof system.  We can install our roof trusses, fascia boards and then roof decking from a safe work platform.  There is no need now to walk on top plates and roof trusses to do this type of work, especially that first row of roof decking which I feel was hard to do safely.  Once the Staging Brackets are installed with the addition of some walk planks and 2 x 4’s for safety railing our volunteers feel very safe using your system.  Great idea and we love using them!   -  ”Construction Supervisor - Habitat for Humanity