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Staging Bracket LLC a family owned and operated company specializing in job site safety.  I am a veteran of the U.S. Navy Seabees and my wife Laurie has been in construction for 38 years, from installer to sales & design. I invented the Smart-Bracket while working for Laurie's design/build company, Laurie's Certified Construction.  What I realized was that setting up safe staging that met OSHA standards was taking a lot of time, so I started thinking about how to maintain safety while shortening set up time.  That's when I invented the Smart-Bracket, a lightweight durable staging bracket that hangs on the wall & can be installed in just minutes.  I started designing, welding, testing and then redesigning, welding and testing, over and over.  After many many prototypes the Smart-Bracket was born.  It is both easy to set up and load rated for more than any other bracket on the market allowing it to have a greater span between brackets, up to 39'.  With such large spans I needed to create an OSHA compliant back rail to bridge the gap between brackets.  That's when I invented the Smart-Rail, a durable and lightweight safety rail that fits on any aluminum plank/pick & installs in under a minute, no tools needed,  and can be used with the Smart-Bracket or with other systems lacking a safe fast option for a safety rail.  Together, Laurie and I created a cutting edge, innovative company specializing in job site safety.  With ever changing safety requirements and the need for safety in so many different trades, Laurie and I expanded our services to include Custom Safety Solutions due to the many requests for custom brackets & rails that didn't exist.  If you have a special safety need, we can design a solution with our state of the art design software.  We also have several third-party testing facilities to ensure your product will perform safely and meet or exceed all OSHA standards.  We are working on our next product for the building industry,  the Smart-Edge System, an OSHA compliant safety rail for the gable ends. Stay tuned.